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Irish Intelligence Cover Image Irish Intelligence
by Peter Hammond

Frankie Flynn is a hunted man. Hunted by a gang of murderous thugs, by the police, the Irish inte... read more >>

Men of Coal Cover Image Men of Coal
by Edmund Birchall

The last mine in the UK closed in 2015, bringing to an end the industry that put the 'Great' into... read more >>

Chirp!! Cover Image Chirp!!
by Suzahne Stewart

These are the stories of four animals and their friends. There are two cats – Cher Khan and... read more >>

Witchcraft 47 Cover Image Witchcraft 47
by Grant Bayliss

Luck is no guage of virility. . . . . . . read more >>

Strategic Leadership in the Charity Sector: A Collection of Perspectives Cover Image Strategic Leadership in the Charity Sector: A Coll
by Doye Agama

This book covers a broad range of leadership and management topics that will be of interest to st... read more >>

More Than 100 Jokes That Made Me Laugh Cover Image More Than 100 Jokes That Made Me Laugh
by Colin McAllister

“Laugh and whole world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone. For this brave old earth m... read more >>

Bad Blood Cover Image Bad Blood
by Barry Hunt

When the body of a brilliant micro-biologist is found on the pavement below a multi-storey car-pa... read more >>

The Colourless Cover Image The Colourless
by Kitty Lewis

When Kandrina’s beloved older brother was taken by the fearsome Lightning Demons, she swore... read more >>

Man Is Not Mortal Cover Image Man Is Not Mortal
by Eternal

Read this book to learn about:  .   * the non-existence of extra-terrestrial beings. &... read more >>

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