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The Cat's Graveyard

By Andrew Moat

The Cat's Graveyard  Cover Image

Cats. Our oldest companions. They have befriended us, consoled us and given us many memories. 

No cat lover can doubt there is nothing quite as satisfying as the loyalty of a feline friend. But sometimes, it can go a little too far.

Something that Dr Richard Cooper, recently widowed, is about to find out.

The hard way.


On a reminiscent fly fishing trip, Mr Gregory Rose is hunting the rainbow trout. 

But out on the loneliness of the lake, he discovers, to his dismay, that there is more than just fish that lurk in the depths. 

Sometimes it’s our own past that we can’t help but bring up to the surface.


Paperback ISBN: 9781784564407

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Paperback: £5.99

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