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Kismet... Fate... Call It What You Like

By Sara Solomon-Yogun

Kismet... Fate... Call It What You Like Cover Image

Ever wondered what makes people richer, happier or luckier than others? 'Kismet... Fate... Call It What You Like' explores this notion with you.

Darius, the resident Persian cat, narrates the lives of five households in the English countryside. You will meet folk from all walks of life. The stories, some funny some sad, unveil people from all over the world with the same fears and aspirations.

No matter what language you speak, people are people. Every person reading this book is already in it. Wherever in the world you live, a tear is a tear, a headache is a heachache and a smile is a smile.

Life is the same all over.


Paperback ISBN: 9781780352282

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Paperback: £6.99

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