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Making Sense: The Case for Christianity

By Ian Cooper

Making Sense: The Case for Christianity  Cover Image

Tyring to make sense of life' can be a bit of a lost cause in today's world.  Having 'answers' can be suspect.  But that comes at a price.  It's difficult to believe in any truth, or think that anything really matters.  Religion in general and Christianity in particular aren't exactly cool but perhaps the Christian description of reality actually is the way it is.  That would give some purchase and some hope and this book argues that it can.

Andrew Fellows, Director of Christian Heritage, Cambridge:

'This short but comprehensive book is for the thinking Christian and the thinking sceptic.  The author makes a strong case for Chritianity and does not shy away from today's most serious objections.  So go ahead and explore whether the arguments meet the challenge.' 

Paperback ISBN: 9781784564568

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Paperback: £4.99

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