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Robert The Wayward Prince Book 3 - The Vengeful Son

By Austin Hernon

Robert The Wayward Prince Book 3 - The Vengeful Son Cover Image

Tragedy and treachery: the story of Robert and Sybil's son, Willaim. Pitched as a child into the post civil war period of King Henry's usurpation of the crown of England, young William is rescured form certain assassination and taken to Flanders. Here he is trained as a knight and prepared to lead the norman Resistnace against Henry I.  With two marriages, one lover, the assistance of King Louis of France, and the grant of the County of Flanders, Willaim's exciting life and his high ideals of honour are the overriding themes within Book Three.

On completion of his training, william is presented with the sword that his father used to seize the standard of the egyptian army at Ascelon, outside of Jeruslem.

Now it is the young warrior's turn can William lead his men into battle, on behalf of Flanders, Frnace, and normandy, to cast his treacherous Uncle Henry off Robert's lands and chase him back over the sea to England? 

Paperback ISBN: 9781784565633

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Paperback: £11.50

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