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A Golden Wind

By Enid Campbell

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Here is a memoir that brings to life the social whirl of the British Raj in the period leading up to the First World War also the beauty of India and its wild life from the Plains to the Himalayas.  Comments about dress and etiquette remind us of how much has changed, but how human nature remains the same.

Enid was a romantic adventurer.  As a romantic she had a diffucult time coping with her many suitors and once married made sure that Neil was kept up to the mark with adventure.

During the First World War she took on pioneering work together with her mother at Gwynne's Aeroplane Factory in Chiswick.  Thanks to Enid and others who then worked so hard on the home front, this was the age when women gained respect among men before given the vote.

There are accounts of life in Queensland, New Zealand and Hong Kong. Driving all the way to Poland in the late 1930s with a friend over from Australis underlines how adventurous she was.

The illustrations (watercolours and photographs) are Enid's own.

Hardback ISBN: 9781784564704

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Hardback: £16.99

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