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Hidden Agendas

By Barry Hunt

Hidden Agendas Cover Image

Before he dies, an IS jihadist warns the West of a planned attack in London.  The terrorist operation is going to strike at the very heart of British democracy on an unprecedented scale and MI6 agent Daniel Rankin is tasked with trying to prevent it.  But unexpected forces are working against him.  Retired detective, Charlie Watts, joins Daniel and together they find themselves pitted not only against the terrorists and a powerful financier but also the American NSA. And somewhere deep inside MI6 is a traitor determined to stop them.

In the worlds of corporate finance, spies and counter-espionage everyone has their own hidden agenda and Daniel doesn't know who to trust.  He has little information and many questions.  If Daniel is to find the answers, he must confront the secrects from his own past.

Immensely readable and with its surprising twists, this fast-paced adventure in the Daniel Rankin series is the most exciting yet.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784564889

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Paperback: £8.99

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