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Edexcel International GCSE Physics Simplified (Colour version)

By Kaleem Akbar

Edexcel International GCSE Physics Simplified (Colour version) Cover Image

• Are you aiming to improve your understanding of Edexcel International GCSE Physics?

• Do you want the Double Award and Separate Science award material clearly identi­fied?

• Do you want a book that contains all the essential information, clearly laid out and written in a lively style that is easy to follow?

• Do you want clear diagrams and illustrations to aid your understanding?

• Do you want an equation summary and a book that guides you through calculations step by step?

• Do you want an alphabetical list of terms that are unfamiliar to you with helpful defi­nitions to aid your understanding?

• Above all do you want the mystery taken out of Physics but the magic kept in?


Paperback ISBN: 9781784564339

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Paperback: £29.99

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