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What is Critical Social Research? Volume II

By Babak Fozooni

What is Critical Social Research? Volume II Cover Image

This is the second volume of an anthology of articles about critical social science.

No part of this world of ours seems to be at peace. Conflicts, riots, wars and disasters follow each other with ever-increasing intensity.  The political elite have lost their authority and no social movement  has yet emerged to claim their throne.  Meanwhile, a London tower block burns and some take selfies!  Bombs reign down on Syria, Iraq and Yemen and capitalists line up to sell murderers more armaments.  Christian white supremacists take over parts of Washington D.C. and muslim fascists marshal their troops in Raqqa for Armageddon.  And, to add insult to injury, our media and academic 'experts' become evermore sanctimonious and superficial each day.

Can critical social science chart a way out of this chaos? Well, no, sadly it cannot.  That is a task for the people of the world to accomplish.  But perhaps critical social science can come up with the right way of thinking and talking about problems.  That way when the social movement is reanimated, it will have at its disposal a ready-made tool for action.  The texts in this anthology are a small contribution towards this aim and include: a novel critique of Trumpism; sexual dysfunctions in Iran; a rhetorical analysis of Henry V; Guy Aldred and proletarian atheism; Otto Gross and psychoanalysis; history of football; humour in psychotherapy; and cricket.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784564926

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Paperback: £8.99

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