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Achieving Your Dream

By Brain Jackson & Nick Pengelly

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An inspiring and practical guide for people wishing to achieve their dreams.  Whether you wish to lose weight, start a business or run a marathon, this book will help you achieve your dreams.

Brain and Nick have drawn on their passion and experience to co-write a book that inspires readers to achieve their dreams.

The book features inspiring stories and practical inforamtion to help the reader take the first step and continue the path to achieving their dreams and reaching their full potential.  It canbe aligned to any dream that someone may have - whether it be to lose weight, change career or learn a different language.

They were inpired to write the book having both achieved their own dreams with Brain wanting to summit an unclimbed mountain since he was 8yrs old, a dream he finally achieved in 2013, successfully summiting a previously unclimbed peak called 'Chhubohe' in the Himalayas.  He has since gone on to lead others on expeditions to climb other unclimbed mountains in Nepal.

Brian says 'I have a real passion for the personal development of others and helping them to achieve their dreams has always been an integral part of everything I do. I have always wanted to create a practical guide that will inspire others to take those first steps to achieving their own dreams, whether it be climbing mountiains, getting fit or starting a new venture.'

Nick also achieved his dream to help othere, set up his own business and now encourages others to find out what they are made for and to live life to the full.

Nick says "My hope is through the book more people will step beyond the day to day routines of life and re-engage or find for the first-time dreams and adventures that will make their lives richer and more fulfilling"

Paperback ISBN: 9781784565329

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Paperback: £9.99

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