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Robert The Wayward Prince Book 2 Warrior of the Cross

By Austin Hernon

Robert The Wayward Prince Book 2 Warrior of the Cross  Cover Image

Its 1047 AD and a battle is brewing for control of the Holy City of Jerusalem. Among others, Prince Robert of Normandy accepts the challenge to wrest the city from Muslim control and leaves Rouen for Constantinople, headed for Jerusalem.

Earlier in his life, Robert's father had tried to marry him off to Contessa Matilda of Canossa, although sparks flew between them Matilda would not marry him, thinking their union would damage her relationship with the church.

Her domain has Normans to the south, Germans to the north, and a reputation to keep inviolate with the Church.

However there is much passion between the two and they meet for the second time in Italy.

After leaving Constantinople the army is under constant threat all the way to Jerusalem, but Robert and his men fight through to the gates of the Holy City. first laying seige then capturing it.

This adventure of the first cursade is an energetic saga filled with historical details, political intrigue, death, and romance.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784565411

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Paperback: £11.50

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