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Why Catholic?

By Ray Chidell

Why Catholic? Cover Image

This book is written for Catholics and non-Catholics alike, explaining the unique nature of the Church of Rome. The text explores the source of the Church’s teaching authority and provides informed commentary on some of the principal areas that divide Catholic and other Christian teaching. The book explains the Church’s stance on such topics as scripture and tradition, Mary and the saints, and the Eucharist, making full reference both to scriptural authority and to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. If you are considering joining the Catholic Church, this book provides a concise treatise on the Church’s essential truths. If you are Catholic but have lost any passion for your faith, and if you perhaps feel that the grass looks greener elsewhere, read this short book to re-invigorate your faith and to discover the power and beauty of Catholic teaching. The author, a graduate of Cambridge University, is a convert to the Catholic Church and a professional writer. Comments received have included the following (each from a different reader): • “I can think of so many practising Catholics who need this book, and of many who are interested in the faith and would be prepared to read it.” • “If only you had written and published this book eighteen months ago, I should have been much better prepared for my conversion!” • "I’m sure it will be hugely beneficial to many people." • "I can't wait to give a copy to all my parishioners here. I read it in one go, from beginning to end, and found it refreshing and enlightening. In short, it is just simple and beautiful."

Paperback ISBN: 9781844267880

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Paperback: £7.95

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