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The Januis Clausis Knack Cover Image The Januis Clausis Knack
by David P R Williams

This book deals with the complex female psyche and matters of a frank and sexual nature. Please ... read more >>

Leadership Syndromes Cover Image Leadership Syndromes
by Vongai Nyahunzvi

This book is not meant merely to provide information. It is meant to make some changes and shifts... read more >>

You, Me & PSP Cover Image You, Me & PSP
by Steve Dagnell

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be dying? Knowing that you are within sight of reaching... read more >>

The Curse of Bogle Bog Cover Image The Curse of Bogle Bog
by David Reilly

On the outskirts of the forst, a wicked old witch cast a spell on every creature that ever could ... read more >>

A Wintry Tale Cover Image A Wintry Tale
by David Reilly

The playful bunny disobeys his parents and goes out to play in the freshly fallen snow and meets.... read more >>

The Great Oak Cover Image The Great Oak
by David Reilly

A heart-warming story about when the developers are moving in to tear down the forest and a most ... read more >>

The Journey Cover Image The Journey
by Barry Kaufmann-Wright

This is the story of the author’s search for his true identity and a search for a youn... read more >>

Harry Love: Mandate for Murder Cover Image Harry Love: Mandate for Murder
by Daphne E Machon

Newly appointed Chief Inspector Charlie Marlow is in charge of Torreston Police Station while Har... read more >>

Mindful Chatter Cover Image Mindful Chatter
by Sabeena Khan

The head space that one has is the back office to all actions and reactions following an experien... read more >>

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