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Meri Awaz My Voice Cover Image Meri Awaz My Voice
by Fareena Khan

Fareena Khan is a British born Asian of Pakistani origin from Manchester who has written a select... read more >>

The Holy Clone: Has Christ Returned? Cover Image The Holy Clone: Has Christ Returned?
by R. A. Duggan

THE HOLY CLONE examines the claims of the Bible from the perspective of modern scientific progres... read more >>

Backstage Cover Image Backstage
by Tony Gareth Smith

The summer season theatre scene in Great Yarmouth and Brokencliff on Sea continues in this fourt... read more >>

Tarnished Gold Cover Image Tarnished Gold
by Kathleen Steele

Rebecca may have won a gold medal at the Olympics but she also managed to catch the Zika virus. ... read more >>

Travails Abroad Cover Image Travails Abroad
by Bill Nesbitt

As an author, Bill is probably better known, under his byline of Seàn Collins, for his boo... read more >>

Metabolic Stimulation System Cover Image Metabolic Stimulation System
by Dave Sheahan

Are you ready to achieve not just fast but LIFELONG results in regaining control of your mind/bod... read more >>

A Man of Integrity Cover Image A Man of Integrity
by Michael John Smedley

Although this novel is based upon a genuine murder that took place in the churchyard of Bakewell ... read more >>

Ashes on Fallen Snow Cover Image Ashes on Fallen Snow
by Annie Ireson

After being evicted from their home, fifteen year-old Lydia and her younger brother find themselv... read more >>

Old Jock, the Shepherd of the Past Cover Image Old Jock, the Shepherd of the Past
by Douglas Cox

Old Jock, the Shepherd, that’s what everybody called him. He was born a long time ago in th... read more >>

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