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Music in Western Europe before AD1600 Cover Image Music in Western Europe before AD1600
by Clive Bate

What is the point of reading about the music written before 1600?  There are two good reaso... read more >>

Did They Laugh? Cover Image Did They Laugh?
by Kenneth Payne

Most people, on hearing a quotation from the Bible whether in a church service, or elsewhere, wou... read more >>

It's Been a Good Life Cover Image It's Been a Good Life
by Ian Ainsley

These are the memoirs of a long, eventful and unusual life, recounted with interesting details, h... read more >>

Daisy The History Doll: Daisy Dolly's Great Invention Cover Image Daisy The History Doll: Daisy Dolly's Great Invent
by Jean Beard

Hello! I am Daisy the History Doll, and I have been lucky enough to live with some very clever an... read more >>

Oh Alby Cover Image Oh Alby
by Jodi Walker

Follow Albert, the clumsy puppy who can't go a day without getting himself into a pickle. Join Mu... read more >>

Garden of Earthly Delights Cover Image Garden of Earthly Delights
by Lesley Gould

This is a book that gives a personal account of a short journey through China.  It was a jou... read more >>

(The) Last Year Cover Image (The) Last Year
by Pat Kirby

What would you do if you found out that you had a year of healthy living left – but probabl... read more >>

Pin High Cover Image Pin High
by Graham Jones

When Mephistopheles offered Faust the world and all its treasures in return for his soul, Faust w... read more >>

Walking With The Sun Cover Image Walking With The Sun
by Rolf Lange

Rolf Länge was Schwabisch, born in southern Germany on 27th April 1939. He trained as a mas... read more >>

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