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O Well, What the Hell! Cover Image O Well, What the Hell!
by Kate Sweeney-Poulton

My name is Holly Yellow. I can’t spell for toffee! At times I really thought being able ... read more >>

Down the Front Cover Image Down the Front
by Adam Broadway

One Man’s Search for the Perfect Gig  • You know the way the bass makes your pla... read more >>

Lar - An Anglo-Saxon Warrior Cover Image Lar - An Anglo-Saxon Warrior
by Ray Fellows

During the 9th and 10th centuries the battles between the Anglo Saxons and Vikings were always bl... read more >>

Double-Decker Cover Image Double-Decker
by (edited by) Jackie Vickers

The best entries in an Oxford-based short story competition are published in this collection. Eac... read more >>

Twisted Yarns Cover Image Twisted Yarns
by Eddie Sammons

Twenty tales of adventure, fraud, horror, intrigue, justice, magic, murder, mystery and the super... read more >>

Golf - The Rhyme and Reason Cover Image Golf - The Rhyme and Reason
by Freddie Mitman

This book looks lightheartedly at golf and golfers, and includes some verse and cartoons illustra... read more >>

Our Special Sister Cover Image Our Special Sister
by Chrisi E da Pavlova

Peter and Vicky are five year old twins.  They ask their mother if they can have a baby brot... read more >>

Echoes Resounding Cover Image Echoes Resounding
by Kathleen Steele

Captured by pirates as a potential bride for their chief after her parents are killed in Nigeria,... read more >>

Soundtrack to my Life Cover Image Soundtrack to my Life
by John Osborne

Music is central to our experience of the world around us. it is a primary source of the way we e... read more >>

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