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Chris Turner: The Legend & Others Cover Image Chris Turner: The Legend & Others
by Dene Butler

The title "Legend" does not really do justice to a man that was the epitome of Peterborough Unite... read more >>

Market Place Leadership Cover Image Market Place Leadership
by Wayne Malcolm

In this groundbreaking book, Bishop Wayne <alcolm addresses the possiblility and practicalitie... read more >>

Secrets of the Desert City Cover Image Secrets of the Desert City
by Peter Foot

The ancient city of Petra was devastated by a violent earthquake in 363 AD.  It had been bui... read more >>

The Story of Lickel Bird Cover Image The Story of Lickel Bird
by Catherine Bootland

This is the true story of a robin who lives in my garden among fences, hedges, shrubs, trees, sta... read more >>

Making Sense: The Case for Christianity  Cover Image Making Sense: The Case for Christianity
by Ian Cooper

Tyring to make sense of life' can be a bit of a lost cause in today's world.  Having 'answer... read more >>

Meri Awaz My Voice Cover Image Meri Awaz My Voice
by Fareena Khan

Fareena Khan is a British born Asian of Pakistani origin from Manchester who has written a select... read more >>

The Holy Clone: Has Christ Returned? Cover Image The Holy Clone: Has Christ Returned?
by R. A. Duggan

THE HOLY CLONE examines the claims of the Bible from the perspective of modern scientific progres... read more >>

Backstage Cover Image Backstage
by Tony Gareth Smith

The summer season theatre scene in Great Yarmouth and Brokencliff on Sea continues in this fourt... read more >>

Tarnished Gold Cover Image Tarnished Gold
by Kathleen Steele

Rebecca may have won a gold medal at the Olympics but she also managed to catch the Zika virus. ... read more >>

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