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Twenty Ways to Conceal a Concentration Camp... Cover Image Twenty Ways to Conceal a Concentration Camp...
by Tru Riley

This extraordinary book contains the most solid evidence yet seen of a World shadow government, c... read more >>

The Big Walk (Second Edition) Cover Image The Big Walk (Second Edition)
by D. Austin Wilson

The remarkable account of a 73-year-old man's epic walk around England and the thoughts that surf... read more >>

An Internet Divorce Cover Image An Internet Divorce
by Stacey George

This book continues and brings to a conclusion the story of Christina, a former nun, who left her... read more >>

While I'm Here Doc Cover Image While I'm Here Doc
by Iain B McIntosh

Humorous, illuminating, poignant and sad anecdotes, illustrate the life of a family doctor workin... read more >>

The Promised Land: Escape from Lithuania Cover Image The Promised Land: Escape from Lithuania
by Zillah Moody

A French army marches through Europe to attack Russia. In Lithuania, a Russian province, the peop... read more >>

Salvation Warrior Cover Image Salvation Warrior
by Paul E Mason

When Kat Severn left university she had a choice, but instead of following her father and brother... read more >>

Ryan's Journey II: The Teen Years Cover Image Ryan's Journey II: The Teen Years
by John Barnes

Father Nicolas Taylor (‘Just call me Nick’) is a complete contrast to the dour Father... read more >>

Music is Medicine Cover Image Music is Medicine
by John Osborne

Having been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer John realised that specially chosen pieces of mu... read more >>

Debutante Warrior Cover Image Debutante Warrior
by Paul E Mason

Kat Severn is a daughter of privilege, born to money and power. Half her relatives are military l... read more >>

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