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Retail and Distribution Services

Retail and Distribution Services

As part of our extended marketing services, we have a number of retail focused packages which can help you break into the sometimes complex retail market for your book!

These packages are designed to give you a kick start, increase the platforms that your title is being seen on and hopefully purchased by your readers!

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Waterstone's Distribution Package £30

Give your book a chance to go nationwide! 

Get your book seen and reviewed for stock by the UK's leading chain of bookshops!

With this service we will ensure that a copy of your book is printed and sent to Waterstone's central buyer, along with a professional, personal, covering letter.

If your book impresses, it could then be stocked at Waterstone's stores nationwide. This is a fantastic opportunity to have your book nestled amongst the bestsellers!


Foyles Distribution Package £30

Much like our Waterstone's Distribution Package, this service involves us sending a copy of your book's cover alongside a professionally written covering letter requesting the stocking of your book with Foyles; all of which is done via email.

We feel passionately that our authors deserve the best chance of selling their books so we try our best to get your book stocked with the best bookshops!

Foyles is an award-winning independent bookstore with a long history. Their accolades include UK and National Children's Bookseller of the Year 2012.


Amazon 'In Stock' Facility £49

Online retail is crucial for any budding author.  With Amazon being one of the leading online book retailers globally; having your book listed for sale on their website is a great opportunity to boost your platform for the sale of your book.

However, having your book listed as 'out of stock' will not do a lot to inspire consumers to buy.

So, we will ensure five stock copies of your book are printed and sent to Amazon for them to keep in stock; this in turn will then allow your book to appear either as being supplied directly from Amazon or by clicking on "available from these sellers", fulfilled by Amazon for Fast-Print Publishing. *

This service provides increased visibility and potential sales and negotiates the complex Amazon stock inventory process to help you have the best chance at selling your book through them!

*This information is correct as at 06/01/2014.  However, Amazon is not affiliated to, nor part of Fast-Print Publishing, therefore we cannot guarantee how they display in stock status.

Amazon 'Look Inside' Facility £30

If you have visited Amazon's online bookstore, you will have come across their 'Look Inside' facility.  It allows you to preview a number of pages of the book you are interested in before purchasing. A type of facility that allows you to 'try before you buy'!

One of the biggest challenges faced by any unknown author is convincing potential readers that their book is worth reading and paying for. By looking inside, a reader can get a feel for the writing style and content and become enthralled by your book and hopefully want to purchase it immediately!

This 'Look Inside' facility is exclusively available on Amazon and visibile to all consumers when viewing your book listing.

We will prepare and convert a number of pages from your book to the correct format requested by Amazon for upload to their site, as well as registering your book to the 'Look Inside' facility with Amazon themselves.


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