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  • The Great British Book Shop launches another writing competition

    The Great British Bookshop has followed up its sponsorship of the Priory Academy’s competition to discover a young budding novelist with a short story competition for the sixth form...Read More

  • A few more writing tips

    On the subject of writing and competitions, if you have yet to expand your writing career by entering a competition, why not make it your New Year’s resolution to try your hand in 2015?  If the idea appeals, a few tips might be helpful, some of them learnt the hard way.

    In the ...Read More

  • The problem with agents

    I’ve been intrigued recently by the number of authors who go into wild celebratory mode because they’ve managed to secure an agent.  I even know of one author who turned down a firm offer from an (admittedly small) publisher because she’d just been accepted by an agent and ...Read More

  • Is there gender discrimination in publishing?

    Speaking as someone who’s been involved with publishers and booksellers for most of my career, I’ve always thought of the book industry as woman-friendly and observed little or no gender discrimination.   A recent article in the Huffington Post has set me thinking, ...Read More

  • Harlequin signs backlist up to Scribd's subscription model

    From Publishers Weekly comes news that Harlequin, the innovative publisher of romances which has recently been purchased by HarperCollins, has signed a deal to make all of its titles available through Scribd.  Harlequin has reached an agreement with Scribd to make it...Read More

  • Frankfurt Book Fair acknowledges the importance of self-publishing

    An early article from this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair celebrates the growing importance of self-publishing. 

    The article, which appears in the online trade magazine Publishers Weekly, says that the rise of self-publishing will be a prominent theme at the 2014 fair, whi...Read More

  • Tech Tuesday celebrates self-publishers

    On Tuesday 23rd September, Tech Tuesday celebrated self-publishing by organising a line-up of some of its most prominent advocates at an informal conference in London. 

    Self-publishing — or independent publishing, or author publishing: it goes by seve...Read More

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