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  • When is an author not an author?

    When they are a marketer!  If you ask someone in the book world what the difference is between a self-published author and vanity published author then the answer normally revolves around the author’s approach to sales and marketing.  If you publish ...Read More

  • Communicate

    If you are lucky enough to have a local bookshop that stocks your book, you’ve probably made friends with the staff there already.  If y...Read More

  • Direct-to-Consumer Sales and Marketing

    In some ways, traditional publishers are looking more and more to self-publishers to give them a lead when experimenti...Read More

  • Tips from the Society of Young Publishers

    There’s been a great deal about self-publishing in the news since...Read More

  • Finding Your Audience

    In an article on, Dan Blank offered some useful observations on finding an audience, and particularly on how to gather a core group of enthusiasts about your work who will then help you to promote it exponentially.  The following is an excerpt from...Read More

  • Social networking as a marketing tool

    Finally, I’d like to offer you some more of my own observations about the value to you as an author of using social networks.  I know that I’ve written about this before: but I’ve made some further points here, because some of the articles I’ve read recently suggest t...Read More

  • What Do You Have To Offer?

    Don't be shy or too self-deprecatory - almost certainly, you have more to offer than you realise.  However, you should also be aware that you'll have to work hard to put yourself on the map.  Of course your goal is to put yourself in front of an audience that is interested in hearing so...Read More

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