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Harlequin signs backlist up to Scribd's subscription model

Harlequin signs backlist up to Scribd's subscription model

From Publishers Weekly comes news that Harlequin, the innovative publisher of romances which has recently been purchased by HarperCollins, has signed a deal to make all of its titles available through Scribd.  Harlequin has reached an agreement with Scribd to make its 15,000  backlist titles available, for the first year exclusively, through its e-book subscription service. The deal will also make the entire Harlequin catalogue of titles available for conventional purchase through the Scribd e-bookstore.

Scribd offers subscribers unlimited access to over 500,000 e-books for $8.99 a month.  Trip Adler, Scribd’s  CEO, said: "The subscription model is unlocking powerful changes in reading habits and this is most prominent within the romance genre.”

Read more about this deal by clicking here.



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