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Tech Tuesday celebrates self-publishers

Tech Tuesday celebrates self-publishers

On Tuesday 23rd September, Tech Tuesday celebrated self-publishing by organising a line-up of some of its most prominent advocates at an informal conference in London. 

Self-publishing — or independent publishing, or author publishing: it goes by several names — is a partnership, Orna Ross, Founder and Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors, said. “No writer is an island,” she told delegates at the session (organised by the London Book Fair company, Reed Exhibitions) on ‘the rise and rise of self-publishing’.  The event was chaired by LBF Director Jacks Thomas and held in Hoxton in east London. “We can’t do it by ourselves,” Ross continued.  “Writers need support — editorial, production, promotion, design…very few people can do all those things themselves. Writers need to take advice and need to invest, especially in editorial, typically £3,000 to £5,000.”

In essence, this is like a reverse advance, being paid to various freelancers — or a single company operating a platform — the difference being that the author begins earning back straightaway and most likely at a much higher rate than through a traditional house. Of course, as has often been pointed out, if you put together all the services that the self-published author buys in it could be argued that what you have is more or less a publisher.

Whatever the philosophical arguments involved, we have very good news for you at Fast-Print: if you take advantage of all the author services we provide, it won’t cost you anything like ‘£3,000 to £5,000’; and added to this, our distribution channels via The Great British Bookshop are second to none.  Click here to contact us today and find out more.

To read more about the Tech Tuesday event, please click here.

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