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The problem with agents

The problem with agents

I’ve been intrigued recently by the number of authors who go into wild celebratory mode because they’ve managed to secure an agent.  I even know of one author who turned down a firm offer from an (admittedly small) publisher because she’d just been accepted by an agent and thought she could do better.  The book that the small publisher would have accepted is still languishing on the agent’s long list of books ‘in submission’.  I was therefore interested to read an article by Stephen Akey in New Republic entitled My book is not about vampires or childhood trauma: I’m doomed.  Akey makes the point that agents these days are all looking for books that either have instant bestseller appeal or can be made into films or TV series.   Akey goes on to say that he has nothing against agents, and that, although many are ‘disgruntled’, they still have a role to play.  However, his article doesn’t solve the conundrum of how to succeed without them if they’re either not interested in your work or not prioritising it.  The answer seems clear: give self-publishing a try and, confident that you have the help of a good production company (Fast-Print springs immediately to mind), embark on your own odyssey towards creating an audience, a distribution network, and – who knows?!  - possible fame and fortune. 

If you’d like to read Stephen Akey’s article, please click here. it may be found here


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