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  • The Guardian praises self-publishing

    An article published in The Guardian earlier in the summer sings the praises of self-publishing and describes it as a growing force to be reckoned with.

    The article says that self-published books' share of the UK market grew by 79% in 2013, with 18m self-published books b...Read More

  • The Writing on the Wall [WoW!] festival, Liverpool

    On Saturday 19th July, we sent Linda Bennett along to the Writing on the Wall [WoW!] festival and was sponsored by our sister company, The Great British Book Shop to give the keynote address at the event.  WoW! is one of the UK’s oldest and most successful literary festivals, and The G...Read More

  • Some Useful Hints When Writing...

    In the previous issue of Fast-Print News (July 2014), we described the qualities on which we judged submissions at the Winchester Literary festival and promised to give more detail in this edition. these qualities included:


    ...Read More

  • The Priory Academy Literary Festival - Update

    As promised, this is a short update on the progress that James, Fatmira and Katie are making after they won the first round of the Priory Academy competition.

    In case you are a new reader, these three students from the Priory Academy in Lincoln were respectively the winner and runners-up ...Read More

  • What is an ISBN and Why do you need it?

    A burning question amongst authors and even publishers alike. Every book that is available to buy, either online or in a physical shop, has its own unique ISBN (International Standard Book Number), which is an identity code used within the industry to trace the publisher...Read More

  • First steps: how to find out about literary festivals

    As we've indicated, there is a bewildering array of literary festivals to choose from. Literary Festivals UK is a good place to start when you're finding out what's on offer and when and where.  Please note, however,...Read More

  • The Priory Academy Literary Festival

    On 7th May, we were extremely privileged to send Linda Bennett to join the first literary festival to be launched at the Priory Academy in Lincoln.  It was arranged by Mrs Sarah Oliver, the energetic and enthusiastic writer-in-residence at the Academy.  Linda...Read More

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