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  • Gedling Book Festival 2014

    This year, we again attended the Gedling Book Festival, organised by NewWritersUK, but this year with a difference. Not only did we attend for the duration of the festival, but so did The Great British Book Shop (TGBBS), the new online retail arm of Printondemand-...Read More

  • University of Winchester Writers' Festival

    As well as Lincoln, we also sent Linda along to represent and give advice at the authors' 'surgeries' at this year's University of Winchester Writers' Festival.  Now in its 35th year, Winchester is one of the more famous and established of the UK writers' festival...Read More

  • The Great British Book Shop at The London Book Fair

    We had a fantastic time at the London Book Fair this year.  It was busy, busy, busy all of the time.  We were very happy that so many new customers and prospective customers wanted to speak to us, and delighted of course to meet the many old friends who found the time to drop by.  ...Read More

  • The Digital Minds Conference: Good News for Authors

    The London Book Fair and the Digital Minds Conference which preceded it were both, as always, bursting with sessions that offered good advice to authors. 

    For authors, the most exhilarating of these was surely the panel session at the conference entitled Hybrid and Author Publishing,...Read More

  • Literary festivals and other events

    The main literary festival season is almost upon us.  There are now more than 300 registered UK literary festivals.  Some of them are extremely well-established and quite grand.  The official UK Literary Festivals website identifies the following as the 'big four':  The ...Read More

  • What Do You Have To Offer?

    Don't be shy or too self-deprecatory - almost certainly, you have more to offer than you realise.  However, you should also be aware that you'll have to work hard to put yourself on the map.  Of course your goal is to put yourself in front of an audience that is interested in hearing so...Read More

  • Should you be Paid for Events?

    The answer is yes, in an ideal world, but, particularly when you are getting established, you may have to be very realistic about this and regard the publicity that you'll get as sufficient worthwhile reward in itself.A good rule of thumb is that if you ar...Read More

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