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  • An Author in Andalucía, Part 3 - Home Sweet Home

    Home Sweet Home

    Ok, so I’m cheating. This blog should really be called A Writer in Reading. I’ve exchanged the blue skies and sun of Seville for the green and grey of England, and I’m staying with family in Reading before heading back to Dev...Read More

  • An Author in Andalucía, Part 2 – Staying on Track

    Again we’re very excited to share with you another of guest blog from one of our authors, Jon Stein. After previously sharing his experiences and thoughts from his trip, Jon goes on to mention how to stay motivated and productive whilst being a writer. Jon also previews his next blog in whi...Read More

  • “An Author in Andalucía”, Guest Blog, Part 1 from Jon Stein

    We're very excited to share a guest blog with you from one of our very own authors, Jon Stein.  Jon published his first book with us back in 2012 and is currently on a writing expedition in Andalucia, Spain, for his new nov...Read More

  • Tips from the Society of Young Publishers

    There’s been a great deal about self-publishing in the news since...Read More

  • Self-published titles enjoy success in Germany

    A German blogger has recently claimed that ten of the best-selling titles in Amazon’s German online bookstore are self-published.  This resonates with other data on self-publishing from around the world.  In the USA, for example, there have been some No 1 bestseller titles from se...Read More

  • Direct-to-Consumer Sales and Marketing

    In some ways, traditional publishers are looking more and more to self-publishers to give them a lead when experimenti...Read More

  • Finding Your Audience

    In an article on, Dan Blank offered some useful observations on finding an audience, and particularly on how to gather a core group of enthusiasts about your work who will then help you to promote it exponentially.  The following is an excerpt from...Read More

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