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  • Social networking as a marketing tool

    Finally, I’d like to offer you some more of my own observations about the value to you as an author of using social networks.  I know that I’ve written about this before: but I’ve made some further points here, because some of the articles I’ve read recently suggest t...Read More

  • Chat (in the ether)

    If you haven’t already set up a blog, now is the time to do it!  I realise that at the moment all your prospective readers are likely to be insanely busy, ...Read More

  • Cash in (nicely)

    If you’re a self-published author and therefore your own principal salesperson, there is a big temptation to do some heavy discounting before Christmas.  My advice to you is: don’t! Or, if you must, make sure that your discounting campaign is sparing and judicious.  For exam...Read More

  • Communicate

    If you are lucky enough to have a local bookshop that stocks your book, you’ve probably made friends with the staff there already.  If y...Read More

  • Co-ordinate

    Try to plan activities in support of your writing in 2014 as far in advance as you can and co-ordinate them as much as possible.  For example, you might want to choose a couple of literary festivals to attend.  Book them early and start writing about them on your blog or tweeting them w...Read More

  • Concentrate

    Finally, don’t let any of these activities get in the way of your main job: the writing itself.  If you don’t already have one, plan a w...Read More

  • New Release For Established Crime Writer

    Back in November, one of our current authors, Daphne Machon (pictured, right) came to meet our very own Pauline Tebbutt to discuss her latest bo...Read More

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