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  • Survey results! August 2013

    Last month we asked you, our readers to take part in a survey to tell us what you want to read about in our newsletter and we've got the results!

    As always we have had a great response, so thank you to everyone who took the time to fill in the survey. As we said a digital ne...Read More

  • More on writing and how to do it...

    In the first issue of Fast-Print News, I offered a few tips on writing that I’d learnt myself from many years of working at the craft.  In an article in the Huffington Post, author, producer and literary manager Ken Atchity now lists eleven things that self-published ...Read More

  • Words of wisdom from an expert on self-publishing

    In the first issue of Fast-Print News we published an article entitled Self-published and no regrets?, in which we quoted an author who said that, with hindsight, she wished that she’d paid for certain professional services to enhance the quality of her book. ...Read More

  • Setting up and managing events and signing sessions

    Written by Linda Bennett (Owner of Gold Leaf)


    I’m now going to offer you a few more of my own experiences, based this time on some recent events and signing sessions I’ve organised to promote my latest book. Three of these have taken place in bookshops and two i...Read More

  • What Authors Want (Book Review)

    In the USA, Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest have joined forces to produce a report entitled What Authors Want: Understanding Authors in the Era of Self-Publishing.  At $295 it is not cheap, but for self-published authors who want to find out more about how to succeed, e...Read More

  • 'Name the Newsletter' competition winner; Dr Rosaleen O'Brien

    In last month's edition of our newsletter we ran a competition for one of our readers to win the opportunity to name our newsletter and also to be featured in this month's edition.We had lots of responses to the competition and the judges loved D...Read More

  • Self-publishing in the news 13/8/13

    The Tuesday 2nd July edition of The Guardian carries the heart-warming story of self-published author Rachel Abbott, who says “self-publishing means the success of my books is entirely down to me”.   She says that she self-published her first book, On...Read More

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