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The Romance of the Lantana and Edelweiss Flowers: A Senoufo IVoirienne and Deutsch Heidelberger in Love Cover Image The Romance of the Lantana and Edelweiss Flowers:
by Ralph Groves

This novel is set in the West African country of Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast). Its ta... read more >>

Oundle: Memories & Moments Cover Image Oundle: Memories & Moments
by Anna Fernyhough

This book is a celebration of Oundle people. It is intended to amuse, interest and inform, while ... read more >>

Death on the Edge Cover Image Death on the Edge
by Douglas Binstead

When the body of a young woman, wearing climbing shoes but no helmet, is found at the foot of a ... read more >>

My Journey in Music Cover Image My Journey in Music
by John Osborne

With a series of ‘music in care’ books aimed at supporting adults through a range of... read more >>

Walking with God Cover Image Walking with God
by Anthony David Nightingale

Most of this book was at some point or other written as articles which could be read as stand-al... read more >>

Lifelines Cover Image Lifelines
by Paul Middleton

At Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice we provide expert palliative care for people who are living wit... read more >>

Mr Bridgman's Accomplice Cover Image Mr Bridgman's Accomplice
by John Dann

Growing up in Sussex during the turbulent 17th century, John became involved in the illegal &lsqu... read more >>

End of the Pier Cover Image End of the Pier
by Tony Gareth Smith

The year is 1973 and changes are afoot in Great Yarmouth and Brokencliff-on-Sea as the New Year c... read more >>

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