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Kitchen Magic Cookbook Cover Image Kitchen Magic Cookbook
by Romina Ahmed

I have always loved to bake. I found cooking difficult, especially after I got married. It took y... read more >>

The fostering of children - A personal experience Cover Image The fostering of children - A personal experience
by Douglas Binstead

This book is an account of the author’s experiences as a Foster carer, and in particular as... read more >>

The Fearless Dragon Cover Image The Fearless Dragon
by David Reilly

The story of a young dragon who claims to be fearless but is indeed fireless. He creates havoc in... read more >>

Cool gets hot Cover Image Cool gets hot
by Gregor Girvan

The story of a polar bear, named Cool, who’s family and habitat are being impacted by globa... read more >>

Waterbound Cover Image Waterbound
by Jane Stemp

A thought-provoking story of hidden lives, by Jane Stemp. Waterbound is set in a future of limite... read more >>

Marked for life  Cover Image Marked for life
by Zsolt Stanik

The issue of human rights and its contemporary theory has drawn the attention of the author for a... read more >>

For One and All Cover Image For One and All
by Anthony Branden Dale

Jack Sinclair, an officer in the Secret Intelligence Service, is invited to join an elite special... read more >>

Fishes of the Genus Sinocyclocheilus (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae) in China:  Systematics, Biology, Biogeography and Cave Adaptation Cover Image Fishes of the Genus Sinocyclocheilus (Cypriniforme

The karst landforms of China are renowned around the world for the beauty of their landscapes, bu... read more >>

Is Catholicism Reformable? Cover Image Is Catholicism Reformable?
by Michael Winter

In 1950, the famous Dominican theologian Yves Congar stated that there were three kinds of reform... read more >>

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