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A Man Who Cast Two Shadows

By Len Russell

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In 1942 a small child watches the swirling vapour trails of Spitfires and Messerschmitts battling in the summer skies as he stands in the fields outside his Hertfordshire village and thinks how far away from his world that conflict is.

Thirty-four years later a man is woken from sleep in an affluent suburb of Auckland hearing the whooshing rush of air as a bomb goes off and blasts through the front of his family house. Even before the dust has cleared the man is reaching for a weapon and planning the demise of the person who arranged the bombing.

How has the child from the peaceful English village become the target of a key figure in the Antipodean criminal underworld? Join adventurer, sailor, raconteur, con man, businessman and story teller Len Russell as he recounts the trials and tribulations of a life at sea and on land, at peace and at war, in times of poverty and great wealth, through hilarity and sadness as he makes his way from an English childhood through a life in New Zealand and Australia and finally back home to England.

Dancing in the Shadows is book two of the series – Order a copy now from our bookshop!

Paperback ISBN: 9781780354002

Kindle ISBN: 9781780351780

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Paperback: £9.00

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