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Struck by Lightning

By John Dann & Eric Gilroy

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This is a first-hand account of the life and death of HMS Lightning a typical World War Two British L class destroyer and her ship’s company. It was developed from a small original account that Eric Gilroy wrote on his father’s behalf for the 50th anniversary of the sinking of his favourite ship. It contains many photos and documents featuring the ship’s technical details together with the history of previous Lightning’s over 250 years. It covers the critical years from 1941 to 1943, with convoy actions and rescues, Madagascar and North African landings. The story tells of the feelings and experiences of the young company, drawn from villages and towns throughout the United Kingdom, as well as New Zealand and Argentina.

John Dann’s added research includes an updated list of the ship’s company, details of the German Kriegsmarine officers, and their S-boat records. He also explains many naval terms for the new reader; with helpful links for further reading. The revised edition is dedicated to the Sea Cadet Corps in Doncaster, whose town adopted the ship after a successful Warship Savings Week in 1942, and whose predecessors formed Training Ship T/S Lightning which is still active today.




Paperback ISBN: 9781780354804

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Paperback: £6.99

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