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The Leadership Coaching Alligator Handbook

By Kevin Oubridge & Sue Burnell

The Leadership Coaching Alligator Handbook Cover Image

You’re a leadership coach, not a salesperson! How do you build a thriving business working with Blue Chips? The Leadership Coaching Alligator Handbook will help you:

•  Connect with leaders in Blue Chips
•  Switch them on to the value of your leadership coaching
•  WIN business with them
•  WIN business with other leaders in the same company
•  Build long-term relationships and WIN business year-on-year
•  Proactively use referrals to WIN business in other companies

You can achieve all this by playing to your strengths as a coach. No need to reinvent yourself as a marketing professional. You’ll enjoy growing your business as much as you enjoy coaching your clients!

Paperback ISBN: 9781780355870

Kindle ISBN: 9781780358260

e-Pub ISBN: 9781780358253

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Paperback: £14.95

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