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New Eyes, the Human Side of Change Leadership

By The Change Leaders

New Eyes, the Human Side of Change Leadership Cover Image

Lead change more successfully. Discover eight practical ways to simplify complexity, turbulence and improve results in change and business transformation.


With New Eyes you will:
  * Have two effective tools for better trust and integrity in organisations
  * Identify your change leadership communications style - wolf, parrot,
       spider or koala?
  * Use performance metrics to drive transformation globally 
  * See a pathway to explore new organisational structures
  * Be able to lead integrating big data, customer centricity and
  * Discover how to begin unlocking lock-in in your mind
  * Improve value created from projects at Board Level
  * Know when to apply innovative approaches to complex human


New Eyes offers leading edge thinking about leadership and change. The ideas are fresh, challenging and grounded in reality. It also honors how difficult culture change is, how it requires something more than tools and training. It is about an act of faith much more profound than solving a problem or meeting the expectations of a market.   
     Peter Block, best-selling author of Stewardship, Freedom and
     Accountability at Work, and Community: The Structure of

This book’s great value is a number of open windows onto the worlds of change leaders in institutions and corporations allowing readers to tap into what’s happening in an evolving field.   
     Dr. Patricia Shaw, Visiting Professor at the Business School,
     Hertfordshire University

I heartily recommend this insightful book to leaders everywhere.   
     Bharat Wakhlu, Resident Director, Tata Services (India)

New Eyes helps the change leadership conversation.   
     Maria Pathrose, Strategic Programs, HP-Shell

New Eyes is a welcome addition in a growing movement to foster an ecosystem of leadership approaches in complex adaptive systems. 
     Jon C. Lloyd, MD, Sr. Associate, Positive Deviance Initiative

New Eyes is undoubtedly extremely relevant for everyone responsible for leading change.   
     Bertrand Moingeon, Professor and Deputy Dean, HEC Paris


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e-Pub ISBN: 9781784568481

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