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The Thirteenth Star

By Simon Slyderink

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The Thirteenth Star is a children’s fantasy novel set in a parallel world called Starlight. While on the surface this seem quite a familiar place, a closer look reveals the unexpected. Children are gifted with flight and rule the skies, people send typing-pigeons instead of letters, and pet monkeys do housework. And there are sorcerers who wage battles against the dark forces in the realm…

The story follows Becky Saltburn, a young, carefree girl who has her life turned upside when an ominous mark appears on her arm. The mark signals the coming of Angra, a robed monster who lurks in shadow and relentlessly hunts down his victims. The closer Angra gets to Becky, the more he exerts his power and the weaker she becomes. Along with her helpers, Becky must find a way to escape or destroy Angra, before it is too late.


Paperback ISBN: 9781780357706

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Paperback: £9.99

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