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Hetty's Hut

By Helen Clarke & Sarah Conacher

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When Hetty’s Dad agrees that they can live in her grandparents’ beach hut at Hengistbury Head, near Christchurch for the summer, she is so excited. 

The prospect of a fun-filled summer spent exploring and having fun takes an unexpected turn as Hetty and her new friend Charlie desperately try to evade the attentions of a strange man who seems to be watching their every move.

Who is he and what does he want? 


Helen and Sarah decided to write Hetty’s Hut whilst sitting on the veranda of a rented hut one blustery summer’s day. 

‘You can’t help but be affected by the beauty of Hengistbury Head and the feeling of being in a place separated from, normal, everyday life. 

It is the perfect place for adventures to be set.’  

Having been friends for many years and with a combined teaching experience of 53 years, they set about creating the many characters you will meet in this children’s novel.


Paperback ISBN: 9781780357805

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Paperback: £7.99

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