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Three Cheers for Poetry

By Ashok Sawhny

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Three Cheers for Poetry is instinctive, describing how a chance happening got Ashok Sawhny to start writing, seven years ago, at the ripe old age of seventy. An amalgam of verse, this one is just as diverse as his earlier work. No particular theme is pursued.

Born in Lahore, Punjab in 1937, the family moved to new Delhi, India after Partition in 1947, schooled at Modern School, New Delhi, and graduating in Economics from St. Stephen's College, Delhi, he worked with Indian industry until 1977 and then started his own international trading company, Monarch International, of which he is president.

His love for art, literature and the finer side of life finds expression in his earlier books: The Sands of Time, As Time Goes By, Fruit Salad, Chequerboard, To Have Loved, The Tyranny of Truth, The Mango Grove at Kashipur, The Rabbit's Tale, The Misadventures of a Flying Horse, A Pigeon and I, Till the End of Time, Think Poetry Think Haikus and The Shepherd Said. His book Fruit Salad has been translated into both Chinese and Persian. he writes in Urdu too and now has four books to his credit. He has a book of short stories published in London.

He has also written books for children in English and Hindi.


Paperback ISBN: 9781784560119

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Paperback: £5.99

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