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January River

By Marie Byrne

January River Cover Image

‘January River’ translated means Rio de Janeiro.

Irish woman Marie Byrne, takes us along the streets of Rio and the notorious favelas in preparation for world events.

Marie includes her police meetings - interview with the former head of one of the toughest police units in the World the BOPE police and numerous encounters.

Marie highlights the parallels that naturally emerge between Ireland today, Rio de Janeiro and international crime, poverty and drug problems.

Colourful pictures choreograph the journey – Rio’s beauty, people, poverty and above all resilience.


"A brilliant heart rendering account of life in Rio De Janeiro. At the epicenter of Marie Byrne's book are the brave hearted people, whether that's the sex workers or policemen battling against the odds in the favelas.  Byrne argues passionately that we must see the links between big business, poverty and political will both in Rio and her native Ireland.  A must read for anyone heading to or interested in Brasil."   

  -  Eamon Keane, Writer, Broadcaster, Musician


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