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Phenomenal Woman

By Kerys Nathan

Phenomenal Woman Cover Image

‘You are a divine being. 
Capable, stylish and simply fabulous.
You are a Phenomenal Woman.’

Entertainment industry director, photographer, celebrity performance coach and motivational speaker Kerys Nathan invites you to embark on another motivational mission. For every woman who wants to achieve all her dreams, this book is designed to get you there in a fashionably fabulous and charming way. Working from the inside out, this is a journey of personal growth into being a stylishly phenomenal you. 

Ladies are you ready for your close up?

Phenomenal Woman will guide you towards becoming the best version of yourself and how to become the greatest asset in your life. It is a reminder of just how fabulous you already are but how much more you can be. Through personal stories, tasks and techniques, the author of Conscious Living encourages you to manifest your greater self, discover the Diva within.

Fashion yourself a phenomenal life.
Your mission starts now!
Welcome to the House of Divinity.


Paperback ISBN: 9781784560614

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Paperback: £12.99

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