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eGaia: Growing a Peaceful, Sustainable Earth through Communications

By Gary Alexander

eGaia: Growing a Peaceful, Sustainable Earth through Communications Cover Image

A positive vision is emerging – a community-based, but globally linked and co-ordinated society, a global human family looking after each other and the Earth.

eGaia describes starting points and next big steps where the starting points join and link up. It clarifies the vision, gives background, organising principles, and a light fictional picture of a sustainable world.

“a radical and challenging approach to what Alexander terms our ‘global cancer’: biodiversity and habitat loss, war, climate change, poverty and social disintegration. concentrates on the positive: what kind of society do we really want, and how might we get it?”  

-  Prof. Godfrey Boyle

“a manifesto for a new world order, disarmingly presented and written...”

 -  Prof. John Monk


Paperback ISBN: 9781784561024

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Paperback: £12.00

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