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Daddy's Little Spy - Isabella

By Isabella Rose

Daddy's Little Spy - Isabella Cover Image

Imaginative misery-me genre. This book contains child abuse, witchcraft and magick spells. Poison. Hypnosis. Nostalgia. Statistics show that one mother in every million births irrationally hates her own child. Isabella had such a mother. Her mother also practised witchcraft - illegal during wartime - and offered Isabella to her Warlock as a virgin sacrifice, aged six. Luckily he said, 'She’s pretty - bring her back to me when she is nine'. Such a mother's hatred is well concealed to outsiders, but never dies. Neither does an inbuilt love for your own mother. A dangerous combination. Isabella's mother calls her "Daddy’s Little Spy". "A compelling and intense book in dark memoir genre. Shocking but ultimately uplifting story of child abuse and family madness told with starkness, clarity and conviction." Jude Morgan, author of 'Passion', St Martin's Press (USA).

Paperback ISBN: 9781844264728

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Paperback: £10.99

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