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The Kingdom at Work Project

By David Clark

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Mission in the world of work has been neglected by the churches within the UK for decades. The Kingdom at Work Project addresses this crippling failure. It sets out a new and comprehensive model of mission for the transformation of the workplace. The model is founded on a radical theology of community and related spirituality which guide and empower an innovative process of discernment and intervention.

The last covers individual and collective action, dialogue, the use of symbols, prayer and worship. Mentoring, the role of chaplains and ministers in secular employment, and the responsibilities of the gathered church are key issues covered in depth. This book is the most thorough and imaginative exploration of mission in the world of work to appear for many years.

David Clark is a member of the Methodist Diaconal Order. He was a senior lecturer in community education at Westhill College, Birmingham. During that time he set up the Christians in Public Life Programme and founded the Human City Institute (Birmingham). He has written numerous books and articles on the mission of the church in contemporary society.

“A brilliant work-book for the servant leader who genuinely starts where others are in their work…”

Peter Challen - Sloan Fellow of the London Business School

“The book is a valuable mission resource which explores at depth context, theology and intervention concerning mission at work… the project is much to be commended.“

Jennifer Tann - former Professor of Innovation Studies at Birmingham University.

“I welcome this detailed and helpful study of mission in the workplace on which people can draw in many different ways.”

Ruth McCurry - former Commissioning Editor with SPCK.

“What sets the Kingdom at Work Project apart is its truly holistic approach.“

Robert Fox - Customer Relationship Manager at HM Revenue and Customs and editor of Ministers-at-Work.

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