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Logic, Proof and Computation - Second Edition

By Mark Tarver

Logic, Proof and Computation - Second Edition Cover Image

Beginning with a review of formal languages and their syntax and semantics, Logic, Proof and Computation conducts a computer assisted course in formal reasoning and the relevance of logic to mathematical proof, information processing and philosophy.

Topics covered include formal grammars, semantics of formal languages, sequent systems, truth-tables, propositional and first order logic, identity, proof heuristics, regimentation, set theory, databases, automated deduction, proof by induction, Turing machines, undecidability and a computer illustration of the reasoning underpinning Gödel’s incompleteness proof.

LPC is designed as a multidisciplinary reader for students in computing, philosophy and mathematics.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784561277

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Paperback: £15.00

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