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Complexity Unravelled

By The Change Leaders

Complexity Unravelled Cover Image

Complexity Unravelled examines how change agents in different regions of the world initiate change within the public, private and voluntary sectors. The chapters illustrate different types of change interventions and challenge main stream approaches to strategic implementation and turnaround efforts. A uniting perspective is the ongoing reflections of the change agents and their practice in relation to evaluating and continually improving their style, methods and tools. 

What can you learn from these personal journeys?
.  * A comfortable and safe environment for open communication and information sharing
.  * A straight line is not always the shortest route
.  * Find drivers for change in the most unlikely places
.  * Achieve collective action and a common identity in a disparate
.  * Temper a target-oriented approach with inclusive methods to
          achieve greater success
.  * Dare to enable bottom-up change leadership
.  * Raise our inner consciousness to become better change leaders

These compelling and humbling stories speak of respect, trust and relationship-building for collective action as the most endearing and lasting values to emulate in leaders. A must-read for any change agent.
.  - Monique Sternin, Adjunct Associate Professor, Positive Deviance
     Initiative, Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy,
     Tufts University, Boston

A terrific collection of essays for 21st century change leaders who live, work, and play in highly complex, networked, and emergent worlds!  To enter this world, I invite you to read this monograph. 
.  - Arvind Singhal, Ph.D., Marston Endowed Professor of
     Communication, University of Texas 

This book is worth reading by any practitioner of change; beneath the amazing diversity of change cases, one can see a common ground in practice. Welcome to the 21st century!
.  - Denis Bourgeois, Emeritus Professor, HEC Paris

The book is a wonderful resource for leaders embarking on change efforts and a tribute to the alumni network that has provided the supportive context for such a contribution.
.   - Professor Sue Dopson, Rhodes Trust Professor of Organisational
      Behaviour, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

A very insightful collection of essays and a must-read for change practitioners. It successfully marries theoretical reflection, rich practice and most of all, personal voice. Enjoyable all through.
.  - Elie Matta, Associate Professor in Management, HEC Paris 


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