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Housing Your Planets

By Patricia Godden

Housing Your Planets Cover Image

This is an astrology book about the planets in the houses. Clear descriptions explain the actions of ten planets in each of the twelve astrological houses that relate to the main areas of life including money, family, relationships and work.

The talents and abilities that a person may take for granted but, with awareness could develop further, are described for each planetary placement.

By understanding that challenges are learning opportunities a person may be able to cope with them better. Spiritual perspectives suggest what the soul may be learning from daily experiences and how the spirit of a person is striving to attain its highest aspirations.

The book is straightforward and easy to follow. It can be used like a textbook by student astrologers and may assist experienced astrologers to consider a more spiritual way of looking at horoscopes.


Paperback ISBN: 9781784561789

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Paperback: £12.99

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