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50 Poems For My 50th

By Sarah de Nordwall

50 Poems For My 50th Cover Image

A Beginner's Guide to Opening the World with Words

Sarah de Nordwall is a poet and storyteller who calls herself a Bard with a Bard School. In 1993 she was inspired by an account of the ancient Bards of Ireland who were called to ‘speak truth to the king without fear’ and to ‘entertain all from the Peasant to the King’.

This she determined to do, and also to set out to found a Bard School like the ones of old that trained one for such a mission. Since then she has been writing and performing her poems and stories in her unique style for 20 years all around the UK and also in Saskatchewan, Transylvania and Lourdes, from day centres for the homeless to the House of Lords.

She is bringing out this edition of 50 of her best loved poems to celebrate her 50th Birthday this year and hopes that the telling of a small part of the tale will inspire others to take up their pens, their paints and their dance shoes afresh and explore for themselves the enchanting delights and perils of the bardic life.


Paperback ISBN: 9781784562342

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Paperback: £9.99

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