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Life After Iqbal

By Sabeena Khan

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An insight into what happened to Iqbal's vision after his death in 1938 up till today, through the eyes of Javid Iqbal and Muneera Iqbal. This book celebrates and explores what life was like for the children of Muhammed Iqbal living with the legacy he left behind.


...I congratulate this young lady for her untiring struggle to spread the message, works and life of Allama Iqbal... it is a commendable effort, it should continue... 

.     - Dr Javid Iqbal


...I appreciate the spirit behind her effort... I was struck with her determination, initiative and drive... and have never granted an interview in all my 85 years, this time I have decided to make an exception... 
.     - Muneera Iqbal


Paperback ISBN: 9781784563325

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Paperback: £12.99

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