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Female Energy Awakening

By Miranda Gray

Female Energy Awakening Cover Image

Do you desire to live fully as the passionate, spiritual, empowered, loving, creative and sensual woman, you know you truly are?

Five times a year, thousands of women worldwide connect with each other. They connect to walk a path of female healing and a return to their long-forgotten authentic femininity through the Worldwide Womb Blessing - a Female Energy Awakening. In this book, originator Miranda Gray shares the story behind the Worldwide Womb Blessing and provides new answers to fundamental questions for the modern woman.

• Why the womb energy centre is critical to the well-being and
   happiness of all women, whatever their age or physical condition.
• How the Sacred Feminine is relevant to modern women, and how
   reconnecting to this principle can lead you to a less stressful life.
• How to fully embrace your femininity in a masculine-centred world that
   constantly disconnects women from what it means to be truly female.

The included 28-day ‘Path of Female Conscious Living’ is an essential guide to your true nature, and helps support the healing and awakening that occurs through the Womb Blessing.

“Having my womb blessed by the energy of the Feminine during the Worldwide Womb Blessing, becoming a Moon Mother, and living the wonderful cyclic feminine energies took me on the amazing path of re-connection to the real ‘myself’, discovering my real value and finding my place in society and in the world.”
.     -   VM, Italy

The book is full of ‘Aha!’ moments, meditations and exercises for all women - whether or not you have a womb or a cycle. 

Miranda Gray is an international author and teacher on the cyclic nature of women. 


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