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Innocently Sweet

By Chantal di Donato

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Enjoy a life without counting calories, without guilt, simply Innocently Sweet.

With the increasing demand for healthy food options, Innocently Sweet is the perfect guide to treating yourself to your favourite desserts, still keeping nutrition and health at heart and mind. This book will be the perfect inspiration for dinner parties, weekend treats or birthdays, allowing you to enjoy every bite guilt free. But this is not just a cook book. Chantal, with her coaching and nutrition experience, shares the health  benefits of using real ingredients; guidance to moderation, whilst teaching us the danger of sugar and how the food industry works. Chantal, a fantastic health coach and passionate cook, shares some of her fun recipes,easy to make and healthful with every bite.

• A guide to the right ingredients and what to look for
• Easy to follow recipes to beautiful guilt free desserts
• Understand your body and know what works for you


Paperback ISBN: 9781784563554

Kindle ISBN: 9781784569617

e-Pub ISBN: 9781784569600

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