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Down the Front

By Adam Broadway

Down the Front Cover Image

One Man’s Search for the Perfect Gig 

• You know the way the bass makes your plastic cup of watery beer throb? 
• Who the hell (you think, as you sit there in some huge hangar, peering into the distance) are those ants on the stage? 
• Ever bumped into a celeb and said something that made you sound like a prat? 
• Ever found yourself stuck at a red light in a battered old car with ten of your mates, chased by four angry skinheads? 

Over more than thirty years of gig-going, Adam Broadway has been there, done that. The Jam, Killing Joke, DeadMau5, Glastonbury, dodgy sanitation and stitches … The Prodigy, James, U2, Reading, ecstasy and embarrassment … Leftfield, The Rolling Stones, Prince, Ezio, Cambridge Junction and Brixton Academy, everyday life and Goths – and much, much more. 

Along the way Adam – yes, now follically challenged and with tinnitus to boot – tells us something the shallow-callow cool-school of rock journalism never could. He tells it like it is. If you ever found music really said something to you about your friends, your relationships, your dreams, your life – the sheer passion and honesty of Down the Front is here to remind you. Join Adam for the best view in the house.

‘Go on … get down the front.’ 


Paperback ISBN: 9781784564308

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Paperback: £7.99

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